Pediatric Foot Care

When caring for infants and children, foot health may not be at the top of your priority list alongside a safe crib or a nutritious diet. But foot health is just as important for children as it is for adults, and the foot conditions of children can persist and become more severe if not treated.


As early as infancy, take proper measures to ensure good foot health for your baby. This can be achieved with a few simple steps:

  • Change the baby's position several times a day.
  • Check your baby’s feet regularly for any signs of abnormality.
  • Cover the baby's feet loosely ­ tight covers restrict movement.

Toddlers and Late Childhood

As your child ages, be aware of their walking patterns. Feet which turn out or in as the child walks signal an underlying issue. Foot pain or swelling without explanation could be a sign of a serious condition and should not be ignored.

The feet of children grow very quickly, and it is also important to ensure that children always have properly fitting shoes. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, contact your child’s trusted podiatrist as soon as possible.

Good health is all­-encompassing for infants and children, from head to toe! By taking a few basic precautions, you can give your child the gift of foot health to take with them into adulthood.


In response to recent COVID-19 concerns, we are writing to assure our patients that we are taking recommended precautions as per . For your safety and ours, we have reduced some of our office hours to disinfect the office daily. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. If you are feeling sick, having a fever, cough, or short of breath please stay home and call your primary care physician. Also, If you have traveled internationally or traveled to another state that requires quarantine or  are having symptoms, please stay home and reschedule your appointment. Remember to keep your social distancing at 6 feet from people around you. Also, please wear a mask in public. All appointment cancellations should be done 24 hours in advance to accommodate our  schedule. Thank you for your cooperation. En respuesta a las preocupaciones recientes de Covid-19, estamos escribiendo para asegurar a nuestros pacientes que estamos tomando las precauciones recomendadas segun Para su seguridad y la nuestra, tenemos un horario limitado para desinfectar la oficina diariamente.  Su temperature sera chequea cuando llegue a nuestra oficina. Si Ud. se siente enfermo con fiebre, tos o dificultad para respirar. Si Ud a viajado internacionalmente o visitado otro estado que requiere cuarentena o tiene simptomas por favor quedarse en la casa y llame a su doctor primario. Por favor cancelar su cita con nosotros   hasta que Ud. se encuentre bien de salud. Por favor mantener una distancia de 6 pies alredor de ud. con otras personas. Por favor utlizar una mascara en lugares publicos. Todas las visitas canceladas, tienen que ser con 24 horas de anticipacion para poder acomodar nuestros pacientes en este horario limitado. Gracias por su cooperacion.


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